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With our goal of sharing knowledge about music, we make sure that we validate our information from the most trusted and reliable resources. We also want to help our community of bright people have a better music experience.


Billboard is your home for the latest music. They provide you various music charts, including the Hot 100 singles and Billboard 200 albums.  You can find here the music of all styles and genres.

Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone is your ultimate source of news about music. They provide information about the artists of yesterday and today. Apart from music, they also provide news from politics, movies, and entertainment.

All Music

All Music provides you the latest releases from your favorite artists. You can discover here the music of all genres. Plus, they offer reviews and interviews of various artists.


Of course, MTV is your Music Television! They have been serving the latest news and updates about music and artists. They will update you about concerts, tours, and shows. They also award incredible artists.


If you want to showcase your singing skills, you can use SoundCloud. This a perfect music-hosting tool that can help you reach to a community of music lovers.


Spotify is the most popular digital streaming platform that allows people to stream millions of songs from almost all artists of all time.


If you want to watch old classical music videos or the latest single videos, then head onto YouTube.