Top 8 Music Genres of 2017

Almost everybody in the world loves to hear the music. It is therapeutic to the soul, a form of self-expression and indeed, the universal language. In the timeline of music, various styles, genres, and eras existed. Thus, music is very dynamic. It changes throughout the years, as with the people who also changed their taste for music.

Here are the top 8 most in-demand genre of music in 2017:

hiphop - Top 8 Music Genres of 2017


Hip-hop is the new King of Music in 2017. Nielsen Music reports that 25.1% of American music consumption is Hip-Hop. Since its birth in the 1970s, it is the first time Hip-hop dominated the scene, with almost 60 million units sales of hip-hop albums in the first six months of 2017.


Rock still continues to dominate the music scene. According to Nielsen Music, 23% of the music consumed by Americans are rock. This music genre has started in the early 1950s and has evolved to various sub-groups and fusion genres, including alternative and punk rock.

pop - Top 8 Music Genres of 2017


Pop or popular music emerged during the mid-1950s. Pop is derived from a lot of musical genres and inspirations. Most of the songs recorded today are categorized as pop songs. Most famous pop stars are Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Lady Gaga.

Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

EDM or electronic dance music is an emerging music genre usually produced by disc jockeys (DJs) who create tracks through electronic mixes and the use of computer software as instrumentation. Among the most famous EDM artists are The Chainsmokers and David Guetta.


Latin is also a surprise hit genre in 2017. It is the music of the Spanish and Portuguese people, which started roughly in the 1940s. Now, it swept the Hollywood music scene joining the mainstream songs. One of the biggest Latin hits is Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s Despacito which featured famous popstar, Justin Bieber.

classical - Top 8 Music Genres of 2017


Of course, the classical music never dies. It was the music between 1750 and 1820. But still, the compositions of Mozart, Vivaldi, and Beethoven are widely listened to. Classical music remained the genre that requires a lot of skills to play its songs.


Remember Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis, and Louis Armstrong? They were among the greatest jazz musicians of all time. Jazz started in the 19th century. Now in the 20th century, various artists still continue to record and produce jazz albums. One of the remarkable jazz albums of the modern era is Tony Bennet and Lady Gaga’s collaborative jazz album called Cheek to Cheek.

country - Top 8 Music Genres of 2017


Started in the early 1920s, country music continued to be relevant in 2017. There are a lot of artists who continue to record country songs. This includes Little Big Town, Keith Urban, Florida Georgia Line and Carrie Underwood, among others.

Apart from these, other genres still continue to emerge in the modern music scene, including heavy metal rock, blues, indie, and soul. Of course, music is dynamic. What’s trending today is not going to be relevant for the coming years for music.

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