8 Stages of Music Production

More than one million songs are recorded and produced annually. That’s like almost 3,000 of songs every day. In this modern era, producing record is very easy because the access to various recording companies is much easier than before. The rise of computer and technology has also helped individuals to create their own music. Plus, smartphones are there to act as instant audio recorders.

But for those aspiring artists who aim to make it huge, the music production is very much different. It follows these 8 steps:


The first stage of music production is conceptualization. In this part, you shall gather all your ideas, feelings, thoughts and perceptions in life. You must think of an inspiration for the theme and the concept of your music. Think about the message that you want to deliver through your songs.

song2 - 8 Stages of Music Production


Now, it is time for you to put those concepts into words. In songwriting, you should have a certain style in choosing the rhymes or the lyrics. Choose the most interesting and catchy phrases. Your lyrics should produce a recall or retention effect to the listeners.


In this part, you will organize the order of the vocals and the instrumentation. You have to arrange the sections of your introduction, verses, chorus, and bridges. Plus, integrate effects or hooks to make your music more interesting.

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During the tracking stage, the band will play the instruments which will be recorded. Then, you will record the vocals. You will also record some elements that will be added in your music, including the backup vocals, the second voice, the effects and more.


After completely recording everything, it’s time for you and the music editor to check some parts of the recording that need to be modified, altered or removed. Also, use this phase to adjusting pitches, moving around parts of the song, polishing tracks and adding some elements.


This is where the real fun begins. The music engineer will then combine all the instrumentals and the vocals that you have recorded into a stereo 2-track mix. The music engineer will make sure that every detail of the instruments will be heard. It should have definition, motion, and depth.

song3 - 8 Stages of Music Production


The last stage of the whole music creation process is the mastering. In this stage, the music engineer will master or will make sure that there are no irregularities, errors or even a single deficiency in the whole duration of the song. The song shall be completely polished and is ready for release.


Once all the songs are completely recorded and mastered, they will be compiled in an album. The producer will then give the “go” signal in mass-producing the copies of the album. The album will then be released in stores and digitally on the desired date. The releasing also involves the promotion of the album, which includes live guesting to TV and radio and performing at various music receptions.


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